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Hair Extension Specialists

We offer complimentary consultations at SARAH JADE HAIR and invite you to book in for this service if you are uncertain on what service you require. Our stylists know that each head of hair is different. A consultation will allow your stylist to feel your hair, to assess its current condition, see its current colour, and together you will work out a plan tailored to you. This is the first step in a perfect partnership.

Our team are each individually mentored by our director, Sarah Emilia. Our emerging stylists have had at least 2 years in the industry, whilst our senior stylists have each had 6+ years in the industry. It is important to note that Sarah Emilia meticulously works with each stylist on honing their skills to that of world class quality. As a means to cater to all, we have created a tiered pricing system, allowing each level of stylist to be booked according to respective experience and price. Both Director pricing and Senior Stylist Pricing are listed below. If you are interested in our emerging stylist pricing, please contact us for this detail.

Premium Russian Extensions

SARAH JADE HAIR is renowned globally as hair extension and transformation artists. At SARAH JADE, we choose to only use premium double drawn Russian Remy tape extensions. We pride ourselves on our commitment to only ever using premium grade products, to ensure that absolutely every service is fulfilled with the utmost care and quality. You will emerge from SARAH JADE HAIR with beautiful hair – that will remain beautiful throughout the life of your extensions. Our work is our art, and our clients each our masterpiece. We never compromise on quality.

Please note that one packet of tape extensions is equivalent to half a head. Therefore, if you would like a full head, then two packets is required, and so forth. One packet contains 10 sandwiches (20 individual pieces). This is equivalent to ~55g. We do not halve packets at SARAH JADE HAIR. If you wish, you are able to take any remaining unused hair home, though often we find full packets are required to create the looks we are most well known for.

How many heads/packets of hair required is dependent on your current hair type, as well as the ultimate goal for your hair. If you are uncertain, we recommend booking in for one full head (2 packets). On the day of your booking, your stylist will work with you on assessing exactly how many packets will be required to achieve your goal hair transformation.

As such, please ensure you budget accordingly for this, as more packets may be required to achieve your dream result. Alternatively, we recommend booking in for a complimentary consultation where we can provide you with an accurate quote prior to your appointment.

In an extension session at SARAH JADE HAIR your detox shampoo, blow-dry, installation, cut to blend, and your choice of one of our signature SJH styling finishes is included in the cost.

If you are purchasing new extensions, we will remove your existing tape extensions on a complimentary basis. For all other extension types, please see removal cost further down.

Sarah Jade Hair Extension Specialists

Half a head of 21.5" extensions$330
Half a head of 25" extensions$380
One full head of 21.5" extensions$660
One full head of 25" extensions$760
1.5 heads of 21.5" extensions$990
1.5 heads of 25" extensions$1140
Two full heads of 21.5" extensions$1320
Two full heads of 25" extensions$1520
2.5 heads of 21.5" extensions$1650
2.5 heads of 25" extensions$1900
Three full heads of 21.5" extensions$1980
Three full heads of 25" extensions$2280
Clip-ins + Installation $400

Refresh + Retape

All retaping sessions include removal of existing tape extensions, residue removal, detox shampoo, blow-dry, re-application of extensions, cut to blend, and your choice of one of our signature SJH styling finishes. The length of your extensions does not affect the retaping price. We recommend a retaping session every 5-6 weeks. We find that most clients prefer a maximum of 3 retaping sessions in total, before getting new hair again.

Sarah Jade Hair Extension Specialists

Half a head retape$210
One full head retape$320
1.5 head retape$480
Two full head retape$640
2.5 head retape$800
Three full head retape$960

Existing Extension Removal

Includes extension removal, residue removal, double cleanse, blow-dry and your choice of one of our signature SJH styling finishes.



This is the base price for your lightening service and takes into account the time and skill required. For extra-long and/or thick hair, please add an additional $50 to the below pricing.

Full Head Foils


Half Head Foils


Quarter Head Foils


This is the base cost, and add ons are below:

Bond Rebuilder $50
Blowdry $150

Colour & Toner Services

Please note that the below services do not include a blow-dry or styling finish. If you wish to include this then please ensure you add on an addition blow-dry service when booking.

Full semi colour

Full semi colour $190

Full permanent tint


Director + Senior Stylists $170

Tint regrowth


Please note, this is not a service applicable to blonde regrowth. Blondes wishing to have their regrowth done, please select from one of our Blonde services.

Director + Senior Stylists$100

Colour toner


Director + Senior Stylists$100

Styling Services

Up style styling session. Please come with your hair washed and airdried.


Blow Dry Services

Includes double cleanse, blow-dry, and your choice of one of our signature SJH styling finishes.

With extensions

Senior stylists$160

Without extensions

Senior stylists$110

Apprentice Blowdry

Senior stylists$110

Blowdry + Treatment

Senior stylists$110

Cutting Services

Please note that the below services include a blow-dry and styling finish. We pride ourselves on our unique skill of cutting and maximising the service with a finish.

Ladies Cut only$150
Cut + Blowdry$250
The Matilda $300

Keratin Treatment

Covers all lengths and thickness.

Director + Stylists $370

Deposit Policy

Sarah Jade Hair requires a $100 or $200 non-refundable deposit to be processed upon booking, in order to secure your appointment. (amount is determined by appointment / service type) This deposit will be used as a bond. At the completion of your service, your deposit may be used as a credit towards your total bill on the day. Alternatively, at the end of the service you may choose to pay the total amount in full, and re-use this deposit to secure your next appointment.

We strongly suggest booking in advance in order to secure your preferred stylist, date and time. We are a very busy salon and this is the only way to ensure your preferred time is locked in.

Sarah Jade Hair requires 48 hours’ notice for any cancellation/rescheduling of appointment. Bookings are scheduled carefully to ensure enough time and space is allowed for your appointment to be carried out as effectively as possible. Any cancellations/rescheduling of appointments made within 48 hours of their scheduled time will see the deposit forfeited. If you cancel an appointment outside of 48 hours without rescheduling, the deposit will be kept on your account with us for future bookings, for up to 3 months.


Hair Extension Policy

All extension services are required to complete a Hair Extension Release Form. This must be signed prior to leaving the salon, at the completion of your extension service.